Steel House Models

2022 Steel House Models

Steel house models are products that offer the advantage of use. Steel houses, which have many advantages over reinforced concrete, are frequently preferred recently.

It attracts many people with its earthquake resistance, less cost and fast delivery options. One of the questions that come to our minds about this is what kind of options are there when choosing a steel house.

Steel houses are designed according to the wishes of the person. It can be made as single storey, two storey or three storey. The important thing is that the steel material is durable and the people who make it are experts. The architects draw the project and then the engineers provide the static calculations. The final cost calculations are performed.

Kitchen and room choices are completely left to the individual. American kitchen or normal kitchen can be preferred. In architectures made with a more minimalist approach, the preference of American kitchen stands out. For a larger house construction, it would be more ideal to have a separate kitchen, although it is still left to preference. Steel house models have different features.

Single Storey Steel House Type

Here, the architect performs the drawing on a single floor. After the static calculations of the civil engineer, planning as a single storey; Parts such as doors and windows are assembled.

The choice of roof is left to the individual. The roofs of traditional steel houses are made in the form of triangles, but one can also ask for a different design. Roof construction in the form of a letter envelope is also possible. The envelope roof is slightly beyond the traditional line. It has a modern line that appeals to the century we are in. Ideal for those who want a more unusual design.

It is generally preferred as 1+1, 2+1,3+1. While the architect is drawing according to the area, he will work in coordination with the person who will build the house. As a design, the person can choose color and wallpaper. The brick pattern, which is one of the most common patterns, is very popular.

One of the most important issues here is the provision of plumbing operations outside of house construction. It is very important that the person who will do it is an expert in the field and that all details are considered and done so. It is useful to be careful so that there are no problems afterward.

The design and structure of the house is as important as the correct installation. Unless it is a very unusual situation for single-storey steel houses, the construction time will be shorter and delivered to the person faster. Steel house models are designed exactly according to your demand.

Duplex Steel House Type

Two-storey steel houses are the most popular. They are ideal structures for families. The roof can be designed in the form of a letter envelope or triangle, as in single-storey steel houses. Mechanical installation processes can be a little more challenging than single-storey steel houses. At the same time, the delivery time may take a little longer.

It is much more comfortable than single-storey steel houses. For those who think about heat consumption due to its large size, steel houses will help you save heat as high insulation materials are used.

Bungalow Steel House Type

The bungalow model, which we often encounter in holiday regions, is a structure that attracts the attention of many people with its modern line. Steel offers a different option for those who want to build a house. Since this model is a little outside of the standard, the construction time may be a little longer.