Cold Formed Steel Structure Inc. As a company, we started with an innovative idea in early 2006, and aimed to offer more durability, flexibility and architectural aesthetics to industrial, commercial and residential steel structures by examining the steel structures produced in our country and then in developed countries, as a result of long contacts with very good companies and engineers.

Our company; It continues to work with its expert teams in the design, project development, production and installation of steel structures. Our goal is to increase the number of satisfied customers by producing steel structures from the smallest m² to mega sizes in a systematic program. Our company; Using certified products, it produces steel structures containing advanced engineering calculations with high-tech machinery, steel laboratory infrastructure and R&D & P&D Center established in Sakarya/Kaynarca KAMOSB. It also exhibits its products in a 1,000 m² steel innovation showroom area on Tuzla İçler E5 road.

Cold-formed® Steel brings many advantages. Cold-formed® Steel are steel structures that offer ideas, planning, advanced engineering, easy assembly system, economical logistics costs, shallower economical foundation applications, galvanized structure with high corrosion resistance, architectural aesthetic structure and many other advantages. What makes us who we are is the way we apply quality, trust and flexibility to all our projects, with the desire to add soul to every project.

Ultra-strength superior steel structures that we offer a net span of 65 meters without columns.

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