What is Steel?

What is Steel? What Are the Types of Steel?

There are many elements and compounds in nature. One of the most well-known elements is iron and carbon elements.

The alloy consisting of the combination of these elements is steel.

The content of each steel is different, these contents are the chemical composition of the elements contained in the steel and the internal structure of the steel. Different ratios of substances can be added to the steel and it is necessary to go through various processes in order for a steel to be put into use.

It is also possible to control the internal structure of the steel prepared for special use, to shape it according to the purpose of use and to gain new properties. In the world today, steel is one of the most used materials in making an article and a tool. So what is steel? Moreover, what are the types of steel? Here are the curious details!

What Are the Types of Steel?

What is steel? What are the types? Just as almost every substance is divided according to its structure and areas of use, steels are also divided according to their intended use, the elements they contain, their internal structure and the carbon level they contain.

According to the carbon level, steels are divided into three as low carbon steels, medium carbon steels and high carbon steels. In addition to these, steels are classified according to the area they are used and their structural features, such as steels, manufacturing steels, free-cutting steels, chrome steel, copper-plated steel, crucible steel alloy steels, spring steels, stainless steels and similar, according to what area they are used in.

How Is Steel Produced?

There are different ways for the production of steel, which is the alloy formed by the combination of iron and carbon, and these vary according to the elements in the steel and its internal structure.

In steel production, which was very difficult and costly to produce in the past, with the development of technology and opportunities, new ways in steel production emerged, while the methods used in the past were gradually abandoned and left their place to advanced steel production ways. Some of the ways of steel production today are:

  • Siemens-Martin method
  • Production by electric arc furnace (steel scrap is used as input raw material)
  • Oxygen blowing method (done in integrated iron and steel factories and the most popular way of steelmaking)
  • Bessemer – Thomas method (Oxygen blowing method is a more developed version of this method)
  • Properties of Steel

One of the reasons why steel is one of the most used materials in the production of goods and tools today is the properties it has. These features are:

  • Its chemical structure is compatible with welding processes.
  • Stainless steels are heat resistant.
  • It is easy to shape.
  • It is lighter and harder than iron.
  • It is possible to gain mechanical and physical properties.

Some steels do not have to be hot in order to shape, depending on their structure, it is possible to form some steels in a cold state. What is steel? Steel, which is an extremely durable building material, is a material that has a wide range of use.