Istanbul Tiny House

Istanbul Tiny House

Tiny Houses are a minimal and practical living space built between 20 square meters and 50 square meters on average.

Istanbul is one of the most preferred cities for Tiny Houses. In fact, the demand for building a Tiny House in Istanbul is more for the local people living in Istanbul than for other rural areas.

Residents of big cities like Istanbul flock to Tiny Houses in rural areas, especially on weekends and special holidays, to get away from the noise, traffic and workload of the city.

With the rapidly increasing minimalist lifestyle, Tiny House construction has increased considerably. Both commercial Tiny Houses and family building in their own space have increased Tinu House sales. Tiny Houses have become very popular due to their advantages such as occupying less space than other residential structures, easy to construct and being easily transported to the desired location, mostly on wheels.

What Are the Benefits of Tiny House?

Tiny Houses, whose popularity has increased with the popularity of the minimalist lifestyle, bring many advantages. Tiny House advantages that offer caravan comfort;

Suitable for minimalist lifestyle,

-It can be built with a wheeled portable system,
-Its installation and construction process is quite short,
-It can be built in small square meters,
-Low investment costs compared to traditional houses,
-Environmentally friendly construction process that does not pollute the nature,
-Long lasting,
-It can be produced with the desired material such as wood, steel,
-The use of solar panels and the ability of solar panels to heat the interior and provide the necessary energy,
-Living space in nature,
-Comfort pet care

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What Are the Cons of Tiny House?

Tiny Houses, with their small structures, bring many advantages as well as many disadvantages, but the disadvantages are very few compared to their advantages.

Disadvantages of Tiny Houses;

-With its minimal structure, the space in the living area is narrow,
-Using minimal furniture and items,
-Travel permit requirement,
-Not suitable for large family structure,
-Obligation to be built in fixed dimensions,
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Tiny houses are generally preferred not wood but steel material. The disadvantages of Tiny House are very few compared to the advantages, as it is clear above. Our Tiny houses, which we have developed with Cold Formed Steel solutions, offer more solutions than you can imagine. Thanks to its easy construction and assembly, it can be used in a short time. Thanks to its durability and longevity, it saves you many maintenance costs.