Gebze Steel Structure

Gebze Steel Structure

As Cold Formed, we produce all your needs by projecting them in ISO 9001 standards. After our work in our production facility in Gebze, we build your steel structure in the area you want.

As Cold Formed among Gebze steel construction companies, we are working to provide you with the best service with our customer satisfaction-oriented works.

Gebze is among the important districts where steel structures are needed. Gebze, which has an area of ​​584 km² and is the district of Kocaeli, contains many industrial zones. It is a very preferred district for investors as it is close to Istanbul and is located in an industrial zone.

Gebze is an industrially developed district and has a structure that can provide services in all areas. For this reason, useful and durable steel structures that meet all kinds of needs are frequently preferred in Gebze.

Superior Construction Material Steel

You will come across many options when you start your research for the building you will build, whether it is a commercial building or a residential building. There are many building systems such as concrete structures, wooden structures, metal structures. But steel structure provides unlimited possibilities for your project. Steel structures designed for all kinds of needs provide you with many opportunities from the interior to the exterior of your project.

The superior building material, steel, is much stronger than other building materials. Steel structures do not corrode and provide many years of use without any problems, especially compared to wooden structures.

Steel structures are quite safe as well as design and function. The foundation systems used in steel buildings are designed to save you from difficult construction site situations. In addition, steel structures provide the opportunity to be built in a shorter time than traditional construction methods after the production of building materials is completed. This provides cost savings compared to other structures.

Steel structure provides a long-lasting use without having to worry about maintenance costs. All building materials expand and contract with heat, so the structures are designed by architects and engineers who are experts in their field to prevent expansion and contraction. reinforced concrete structures. Steel has much less thermal action than other building materials, so it's easy to prevent your building from cracking.

Most of the time, the appearance of steel structure buildings is thought to be different or even worse than standard buildings, because industrial facilities come to mind when steel structure is mentioned, and the appearance of these structures often has this appearance to be more economical and practical. In addition, steel buildings can be designed and built both externally and internally to fit any look and shape you desire.

Compared with reinforced concrete and wooden structures, steel constructions are superior building materials due to their advantages such as fast construction, energy saving, environmental protection, high strength and low cost.